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2D and 3D


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3D Shapes I Know (song for kids)



Subject : Mathematics

Class : 2 Wira

Time : 4.50p.m.-5.30p.m.

Topic : Shape and Space

Learning Area : Three-Dimensional Shape

Learning Objectives : Pupils will be taught to:

1) Label parts of three-dimensional shapes.

Learning Outcomes : Pupils will be able to:

1) Label parts of three-dimensional shapes.

2) Count the number of each parts of three-dimensional shapes.

Pre-requisite Knowledge : Pupils know and use the 3-D shapes in real life.

Approach : Elaboration, group

Evaluation : Observation, Question & Answer Session, Group presentation.

Phase / Time

Learning and Instruction Activity


Teacher’s Role

Pupils’ Role

Set Induction

(5 minutes)

1. Teacher shows one mystery bag (contain several 3-D shapes such as box, ball, container, ‘nasi lemak’ and cone) and pupils to guess what.

2. Teacher asks one pupil to come in front to pick out one object from the bag by closing the eyes

3. Teacher asks question:

· Guess what object did you pick?

4. Teacher relates the object to the topic. The objects are representing the 3-D shapes.

5. Teacher also recalls back pupils’ requisite knowledge about 3-D shapes that they learnt in standard 1

1. Pupil picks out one object from the bag.

2. The pupil feels the object and names it.

3. Activity then continues with another two pupils pick and guesses the objects

Teaching aids:

Mystery bag, box, ball, container, nasi lemak and cone

Step 1

(10 minutes)

1. Teacher shows the 3-D shapes one by one and asks pupils to name it.

2. Teacher explains and shows the parts of three-dimensional shape using the block of the cuboid.

· Cuboid has face

· Cuboid has edge

· Cuboid has vertex

3. Teacher then asks again which part is face, edge and vertex of the cuboid by showing the parts one by one and asks pupils to name the part.

4. To strengthen pupils understanding, teacher asks pupils to count how many faces, edges and vertices do cuboid have.

1. Pupils name the 3-D

shapes based on the objects.

2. Pupils repeat and drill the word face, edge and vertex loudly.

3. Pupils name the parts shown by teacher.

4. Pupils count the number of face, edge and vertex of cuboid guided by teacher.

Teaching aids:

3-D shapes block i.e:

Cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone and sphere.

Step 2

(10 minutes)

1. Teacher divides pupils into five groups and provides each group with one 3-D shapes block, mini whiteboard and marker pen.

2. Teacher explains that each group has to identify the part of 3-D shapes block that they get. To proof that they really know the parts, they have to count the number of each parts does each object have.

1. Pupils sit in group and listen to teacher’s order.

2. Each group discusses which part is face, edge and vertex using the 3-D shape block provided.

3. Then, they count the number of each part.

4. They write their answers on the mini whiteboard.

Teaching aids:

3-D shapes block, mini whiteboards and marker pen.

Step 3

(10 minutes)

1. Teacher asks representative of each group to present their answers.

2. Teacher comments the presentation of each group

1. A representative presents their group’s answer.

2. Followed by another group.

3. All groups listen to teacher’s comments.


(5 minutes)

1. Teacher conclude today’s lesson by asking questions to pupils:

· Name the parts you learnt just now.

· How many edges do sphere have?

· Based on the block, show me which is the vertices of pyramid?

2. Teacher gives exercises to pupils on labeling the parts of 3-D shapes in worksheets.

1. Pupils tell what they learnt today by answering the questions given by teacher.

2. Take and keep the worksheet distributed by teacher to do at home.

Teaching aids:


Isnin, 5 Disember 2011

Topic 12

Three-Dimensional Shapes (3-D shapes)

  1. identify and label parts of 3-D shapes.
  2. compare and group 3-D shapes.
  3. describe 3-D shapes.

Mathematics Year 2

Ada 12 topik kesemuanya.
  1. Whole Numbers
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction
  4. Multiplication
  5. Division
  6. Money
  7. Time
  8. Length
  9. Mass
  10. Volume of Liquid
  11. Three-Dimensional Shapes
  12. Two-Dimensional Shapes